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Inevitable delays at European airports this summer

Inevitable delays at European airports this summer

The summer holidays will suffer from ongoing travel problems, the European commercial authority for airports confirmed today.

Airports across the continent have been struggling with the sudden influx of passengers as more and more countries lift entry restrictions for Covid.

Although air travel is still below 2019 levels, traffic peaks are actually higher than pre-pandemic levels at many major airports.

For those hoping to escape the chaos over the summer, the airport trade association has some sobering news from its latest survey. 66 percent of Europe's airports expect flight delays to increase.

So what exactly is behind the delays across Europe and where will the solutions come from?

While each airport is unique, the underlying reason for the delays has been the “inability to increase staff” to the required levels.

Airports and ground operators are emerging from the pandemic with impoverished numbers, as they were "forced" to lay off staff when air traffic collapsed in 2020.