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Video / Trump in the campaign 'boasts' about the Kosovo-Serbia agreement: It took 20 minutes, they have been fighting for 400 years

Video / Trump in the campaign 'boasts' about the Kosovo-Serbia

US President Donald Trump decided to speak during a rally in Nebraska about how he and his administration managed to unite Kosovo and Serbia through an agreement in September 2020 in the Oval Office. An agreement that was in fact for the normalization of economic relations. Trump is heard saying that Kosovo-Serbia had been fighting for 400 years and not 40.

Donald Trump says:

" You know I was nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes, can you believe it? And for all the different regions, like Kosovo and Serbia, we are making deals, you know the trade deals. I said wait a minute, do you? are not they always fighting with each other? Yes, for many decades.How do you know? I said, I know they fight each other all the time.

Tell them we’re not going to do any business with them - they want our business, okay - we’re not going to do business unless we make a deal when they stop killing each other. And you know what? It took about 20 minutes.

They have been fighting for 40 years. I think they have fought for 400 years, you want to know the truth, but they have fought for a long time. They want to make a deal. "Suddenly, two months ago, they were in the Oval Office, hugging and kissing, it was easy ."

-Kosovo and Serbia signed an agreement on economic normalization on September 4 at the White House.