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Video / Italian journalist sexually harassed while reporting "live" football match

Video / Italian journalist sexually harassed while reporting "live"

An Italian sports journalist was sexually harassed "live" by a fan while reporting a football match. 27-year-old Greta Beccaglia, was reporting the Empoli-Fiorentina match when a passing fan hit her from behind. The journalist reacted immediately, saying that she could not do such a thing, and then through a statement said:

"What happened to me is something that is not acceptable and should not be repeated. It was recorded on live TV because I was at work. But unfortunately as we know such harassment also happens to other women with the cameras off, ie This can not and should not happen, especially since the players came out on the field showing the symbol of the Day against violence against women.I am receiving many messages of solidarity from fans and ordinary people, but also from personalities "They are known to have a very significant impact on public opinion and this is a very positive overall reaction. Events like this should never happen again," she said.

In connection with this event, the Commissariat of Empoli, Florence, has launched an investigation to identify the person and take appropriate action.