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Only 7 countries on the red list. British citizens will be allowed to travel anywhere, without return quarantine but on one condition

Only 7 countries on the red list. British citizens will be allowed to travel

It seems the world is completely reopening to the British vaccinated with two doses, as the red list has been reduced from 54 to just seven countries.

Brazil, South Africa, India and Turkey have returned to the British holiday agenda in one of the biggest relaxations of international travel rules in Britain since the pandemic broke out.

Only Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela will remain on the red list from 4 a.m. next Monday.

The changes will allow friends and family kept away from the expensive quarantine barrier in hotels to be reunited eventually. With the ease of testing requirements for vaccinated travelers, this means that international travel has almost returned to normal, as before the pandemic.

The department has removed advice from 32 countries that warn Britons against all travel, except essential, despite not being on the red list. The changes will be seen as a major boost to the air travel sector in mid-October. The government is pursuing a strategy to resume international travel for people vaccinated with two doses, but while maintaining strict restrictions on countries with low vaccination rates and unvaccinated people.

As of Monday, people who have received two doses of the vaccine only need to do a test, two days after returning to Britain. There will also be no requirement for tourists to show the PCR test with a negative result or to prove that they do not have Covid so to leave.

For persons returning from the red list, quarantine will be in place. Travelers are required to pay 2, 2,285 to stay in a hotel for 11 nights, at an additional cost for adults and other children.

Restrictions are also tightened for unvaccinated tourists, with mandatory 10-day quarantine at home and PCR tests required for all destinations, regardless of which list they are on.

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