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The delta variant / Millions of people in China return to full lockdown

The delta variant / Millions of people in China return to full lockdown

Millions of people in China have returned to full "lockdown", being locked in their homes just like at the beginning of the pandemic in the first months of 2020. The closure was restored after 55 new cases of COVID were reported with the variant " delta ”which has spread to 20 cities and over 12 provinces, endangering the citizens who have received both doses of Sinovac vaccine.

Municipalities across the country, including Beijing, have resumed testing of millions of citizens, and any positive cases are isolated along with the circle of family members and people who have had close contact. In Beijing all public transport has been suspended, while hotels have closed their doors to visitors, even though we are at the peak of the summer season.

The city of central China, Zhuzhou in Hunan province, has closed all of its 1.2 million inhabitants to their homes and set up vaccination points across the city to speed up the immunization process.

Recall that China, the country of origin of the coronavirus, was one of the first countries that with totalitarian control over the population and the creation of the vaccine "Sinovac" managed to return to normal faster than Western countries. But, with the spread of the "delta" variant throughout the world, the risk of a new wave has returned, while vaccinated people are also exposed to the risk.

International travel to China has been canceled, except for "essential" ones.