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UNESCO deprives British city of "cultural heritage" status: New construction destroys

UNESCO deprives British city of "cultural heritage" status: New

UNESCO has stripped the city of Liverpool in the North of England from the status of "World Heritage Site", due to what has been described as "irreversible damage" of historical value in the port area of ??this city.

The decision was taken during the meeting of this body that took place today in China, where it was estimated that the value of the city coast has been ruined by modern construction, especially the new stadium of the Everton football team, which captures a value of Milion 500 million.

The decision is humiliating for the British industrial city, which becomes the third country in history to lose the status it was given in 2004 in appreciation of Victorian architecture and the era of the Industrial Revolution.

Cities listed as UNESCO monuments receive special funding from the UN to preserve special facilities, have special protections during wartime and are advertised among the best tourist destinations in the world.

The decision created a political scandal that has put in position both the City Council and the Mayor Joanne Anderson, who with their actions and inactions have allowed the demolition of the historic areas of the city they administer.