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Riots in Italy. Violent protests erupt against Green Pass

Riots in Italy. Violent protests erupt against Green Pass
Violent mass protests erupted in Rome against the "Green Pass" of vaccination.
Rome police on Sunday said they had arrested 12 people after protesters inflicted serious injuries.

Two leaders of the far-right Forza Nuova party, Giuliano Castellino and Roberto Fiore, were present during the violent protests, are among the 12 arrested, police said.

The protests sparked riots

Riots in Italy. Violent protests erupt against Green Pass

Thousands marched in the streets of Rome on Saturday to protest the new move against Italy's Covid for the "Green Pass" for employees.

The protests became increasingly violent during the day, with police beating rubber truncheons against demonstrators or using water cannons and pepper spray to disperse the crowd.
More than 10,000 people took to the streets of the Italian capital, according to local media. Several groups of people tried to break the barricades and police lines. A group of protesters even tried to cross police lines to reach the office of Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

A special group attacked the headquarters of the Italian General Confederation of Labor. The
protesters were also seen throwing chairs and shouting slogans such as "freedom, freedom". They believe the measures are forcing people to be vaccinated.

Kauza e tyre është mbështetur nga grupet neofashiste të së djathtës ekstreme, të cilët politikanët lokalë i akuzuan për orkestrimin e dhunës të së shtunës.

Draghi kritikon agresionin

Riots in Italy. Violent protests erupt against Green Pass

Kryeministri Draghi dënoi dhunën, duke thënë se sindikatat sigurojnë të drejtat e punëtorëve dhe se njerëzit do të ndëshkohen nëse përpiqen të frikësojnë anëtarët e sindikatave.

"E drejta për të demonstruar për të mbështetur idetë e dikujt nuk mund të degjenerojë kurrë në akte agresioni dhe kërcënimi," tha Draghi në një deklaratë të lëshuar nga zyra e tij.

Çfarë është "Green Pass" i Italisë?

Riots in Italy. Violent protests erupt against Green Pass

"Green Pass" është një certifikatë që do të kërkohet nga çdo punonjës, si në kompanitë private ashtu edhe në sektorin publik, nga 15 tetori.

People should indicate that they have received a dose of COVID-19 vaccination, or have been cured of the disease, or have tested negative. Italians can visit any public place if they have this certificate. The site also allows the reopening of full-capacity cinemas, theaters and discos starting Monday.

What is the situation of COVID in Italy?

The Italian Ministry of Health reported 46 deaths from covid yesterday. The daily number of new cases with COVID dropped to 2,748 from 3,023.

Italy has recorded 131,274 COVID-related deaths since the pandemic began, the second highest number in Europe after the United Kingdom, and the ninth highest in the world. The country has reported 4.7 million cases so far.

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