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Torture, rape, executions, forced abortions in Kim Jong-un's prisons

Torture, rape, executions, forced abortions in Kim Jong-un's prisons
In Kim Jong-un's prisons, if you're lucky, you eat cockroaches in your two square meter cell that you share with another prisoner, as the food rations are so small that you starve. And if you are a woman, first the guards rape you, then, if you get pregnant, you undergo a forced abortion.
These are just some of the abuses common in North Korea's prisons and other detention facilities, according to former detainees whose testimony forms the basis of a new report released by a human rights watchdog this week.

Using interviews with hundreds of survivors, witnesses and perpetrators of abuse who have fled the country, along with official documents, satellite images, the non-profit NGO Korea Future has created what it says is the most detailed picture of life inside the penal system of the isolated country.

"The purpose of our report is essentially to reveal the human rights violations that have occurred within North Korea's penal systems. (It) finds that even 10 years after the UN established a Commission of Inquiry, there are still systematic and widespread violations of human rights," said Kim Jiwon, an investigator with Korea Future, which has offices in London, Seoul and The Hague.

The report says it has identified hundreds of active participants who claim to have taken part in the violence and is calling for investigations and prosecutions of the abuses.