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The Telegraph: Iranian security forces are raping arrested protesters

The Telegraph: Iranian security forces are raping arrested protesters

Iranian security forces have raped and sexually assaulted numerous prisoners arrested during anti-government protests over the death of Mahsa Amini, according to testimonies from multiple victims, activists and human rights groups, the Telegraph writes.

A 20-year-old woman was apparently sexually assaulted so violently that she was rushed to hospital with serious injuries shortly after the arrest, according to messages from medical staff.

“When she first came in, [officers] said she was hemorrhaging… because of the repeated rape. People in plainclothes insisted that the doctor write it down as rape before the arrest,” a doctor wrote in a message on social media.

"Once the truth became clear to everyone, they changed the whole script," the doctor continued in the messages, according to CNN.

The Iranian government later said that the woman was treated for "digestive problems", which doctors at the hospital said were inconsistent with the symptoms and examination by a gynecologist and a psychiatrist.

Rights groups and activists have reported multiple reports of sexual violence against detained protesters as Iranian authorities crack down on a protest movement now in its tenth week.

One woman said an interrogator told her: “If you're raped here, you can't protest. You are asking for nudity and you have to pay for it!".

Investigators have also threatened to release private pictures taken from phones as a method of blackmailing detainees.

CNN also reported that security forces allegedly filmed sexual assaults to blackmail detainees.

Human Rights Watch has also collected testimonies from prisoners who said they were sexually assaulted in detention.

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