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Said 'Zero Covid' is impossible. China censors the head of the WHO

Said 'Zero Covid' is impossible. China censors the head of the WHO

The head of the World Health Organization has been censored in China's online after questioning the sustainability of the 'Zero Covid' policy.

Censorship on Weibo and WeChat, China's two largest social media platforms, aims to block WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus' comments contradict China's policies.

"When we talk about the zero-Covid strategy, we do not think it is sustainable, given the behavior of the virus now and what we predict in the future," Tedros told a news conference yesterday. He emphasized Omicron's high transmissibility.

"We have discussed this issue with Chinese experts and we have shown that the approach will not be sustainable ...", he said.

Tedro's speech, which was accused of being too close to China at the start of the pandemic, came just days after Chinese leader Xi Jinping vowed to double down on politics and fight resolutely against all critics of the zero-Covid strategy. A strategy that aims to bring and keep the number of infections to zero, while respecting strict measures.

Shanghai is experiencing a six-week standoff that has sparked public protests as the capital Beijing has closed schools, restaurants and conducted frequent mass testing to curb the virus outbreak further.

Xi Jinping warns anyone who questions China's zero policy on Covid that there will be no concessions.

More than 88% of people in China are fully vaccinated, but immunization is much lower in the elderly. As of March 17, only half of people over the age of 80 in China have been fully vaccinated and less than 20% of that age group have received a booster dose. Unlike most countries, seniors did not initially have priority in China vaccination campaigns.