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Tensions between Greece and Turkey. Greece softens the tone

Tensions between Greece and Turkey. Greece softens the tone

Turkish President Erdogan made a statement in the last few hours during a technofest event, on Greece.

"Look at Greek history. If it goes too far, the price will be heavy. Don't forget Izmir. Conquest of the islands? When the time comes, we will do what is necessary. We may come unexpectedly one night. Make sure those who blocked the progress of our country by putting obstacles under the wheels yesterday are waiting somewhere. We will not allow them," Erdogan said.

Official Greece has reacted through a status where it softens tones and tensions.

"Greece will not follow Turkey in its daily wild language and statements and threats across all borders.

We will immediately inform our allies and partners of the content of the provocative statements of the last few days, to make it clear who is dynamizing the cohesion of our alliance in a particularly dangerous period.

At the same time, we will continue to operate, based on the rules of international law and the law of the sea, as a pillar of stability and security for the region".