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Taiwan begins massive military exercise as tensions with China rise

Taiwan begins massive military exercise as tensions with China rise

In the simulated situations, the enemy comes by sea and air and aims to capture a main road. Taiwan forces respond with bombs.

This is one of the exercises currently being conducted in Taiwan.

This year, the exercises have taken on greater significance amid growing concerns over China's intentions toward Taiwan, a self-governing island that Beijing's ruling Communist Party claims as its own.

These concerns have increased since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Beijing has not ruled out using force to take control of Taiwan and has exerted increasing military pressure on the island by sending military aircraft to the border.

Beijing has also reacted strongly to news that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is considering a trip to Taipei, warning that China's military would "resolutely defend national sovereignty" if faced with "forces of foreign' that encourage Taiwan independence.

China demands that the US take concrete action to fulfill its commitment not to support Taiwan independence.

"If the US insists on following its lead, the Chinese military will never sit idly by and will definitely take strong action to thwart any foreign force interference and separatist schemes for 'Taiwan independence' and resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity," says Beijing.

A week-long military exercise

The Han Kuang exercises are the largest, live-fire exercises held annually in Taiwan, an island of 24 million people.