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Strategies of various world leaders to combat vaccine skepticism

Strategies of various world leaders to combat vaccine skepticism

With the rise of protests against forced vaccination, leaders around the globe are using various strategies to combat skepticism about getting anti-COVID vaccines to meet the targets of mass immunization of populations in order to return to normalcy.

The most radical approach has always been taken by the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte who in a TV show said that he will stop the unvaccinated from leaving their homes. The president, who is notorious for using assassination campaigns against drug traffickers, said: "If they do not want to be vaccinated, they should not be allowed to leave their homes. When many people say that there is no law for this work, but should I wait for a law when I know that many people will die? ”

With the widespread spread of the "delta" variant , we have seen how many governments are sanctioning the use of vaccination certificates to enter closed public spaces such as bars, restaurants, museums, theaters, cinemas, etc. In Denmark the government's decision on the certificate met with no resistance or protest, while in Italy and France the proposal has caused hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of cities to protest. There have also been clashes between police and protesters in London, Sydney and Athens.

In the US, President Biden, finding it legally impossible to impose vaccination certificates (due to the strong constitutional order) has called on large enterprises to cooperate in the vaccination campaign. So far, many large corporations like Google, Facebook, MGM Casinos and Walmart have responded to his call and made vaccination mandatory for all their employees.

"A lot of people are dying now, or they are seeing someone they want to die. With freedom comes responsibility. Please exercise your judgment. "Get vaccinated for yourself, for the people you love, but also for your country," said Biden of the White House.

In the UK, meanwhile, there has been a continuing call for vaccinations for all, while Johnson's plan for a "green pass" appears unlikely to be approved by parliament, with more than 80 Conservative MPs saying they would not. to support the Prime Minister in this initiative.

In the long run, it remains to be seen which strategy will be most effective in tackling skepticism versus vaccination.

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