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Roads in Australia are red! Millions of crabs leave the "Christmas Island" for the ocean

Roads in Australia are red! Millions of crabs leave the "Christmas

Millions of flaming red crabs have begun to emerge from the jungles of Christmas Island off the coast of Western Australia as they march toward the ocean.

Videos and photos have captured the red crabs of Christmas Island piling up across bridges, streets and even escaping the heat by resting at the entrances of office blocks.

There are so many crabs that Christmas Island National Park staff have to occasionally wipe them off the streets so they don’t get crushed by cars.

On Sunday, residents of the Drumsite settlement were unable to leave their neighborhood due to a massive number of crabs crossing the streets.

Though a spectacular sight, it is not a new one for the residents.

Christmas Island National Park Manager Bianca Priest said this spectacular natural event takes place on Christmas Island every year.

" Naturalist world famous Sir David Attenborough described the migration of red crabs as 'like a great curtain of red flames moving down the rocks and rocks to' sea and considered filming the show as one of his greatest 10 moments "Over the years visitors have traveled from every corner of the world to witness this wildlife phenomenon ," she said.