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The Agallar Street in Farka is laid

The Agallar Street in Farka is laid

"Rruga e Agallarëve" in Farka is being reconstructed by the Municipality of Tirana, with the necessary signage and sewage networks for white and black water. This road, which was a request of the residents, serves not only this neighborhood, but also the 3 villages of Lundra, Farka e Vogël and Farka e Madhe, connecting them to the Great Ring Road and the new Agri-Food Market.

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj said that this investment will further increase the value of the property. "Agallarare street connects two residential areas of Farka. It is a ridge on a hill, where we see Tirana, we see the towers, we see urban Tirana, so it is a kind of balcony, a ridge above Tirana. But, I guarantee you that, as it happened with all the investments we made in Farka, where we had a 3-4-fold increase in the value of the property, after this project is finished, I am curious to measure how much the property was before it was done Agallar Street and how much is the property today," he said.

By investing in the suburbs, added Veliaj, the traffic of the capital is also moved from the center. He underlined that only in Farka, the municipality is working on 3-4 other construction sites, while the largest construction sites are the educational ones, where 10 new schools will be opened for the first time this year.

The mayor said that this mandate is focused on the suburbs. "What I promised publicly is that this will be a mandate of the suburbs, of capillary roads, of neighborhood roads, of border areas, where Fresku is connected to Unit 4, where the Combine is connected to the "Rilindja" neighborhood (neighborhood No. .14), where Shkoza is connected to Unit 1. If you look, we are working in the peripheral areas. My ambition is to leave this city with the same investment dignity and the same cleanliness and the same quality of infrastructure both in the center and in the suburbs. Therefore, I believe that these investments that we have made in the Farka area, that we have made in Vaqarr, that we have made in Ndroq, that we have just made in Zall Herr, with the beautiful lake of Circassian, which will most likely compete with the old' and 'young agallars', once it is finished and contoured and the first investments begin. I believe that this race is healthy, it is a race for investments, a race to move Tirana forward," declared the head of the Municipality.