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US makes Covid tests free after Omicron mutation comes out

US makes Covid tests free after Omicron mutation comes out

Americans will soon have access to free Covid tests.

The announcement was made by the White House after fearing the new version of Omicron. Cases of the variant, called Omicron, have already appeared in California, Minnesota, Colorado and New York.

Other countries have already done the tests for free. For example, British citizens can order quick test packages from their home free of charge from a government website.

Although Americans have been able to get free Covid tests from their doctors and hospitals, they have had to pay for home tests, which usually range from about $ 15 to $ 40.

Health experts expressed optimism about the new policy.

. It's a step towards making these tests more accessible to individuals, but there may still be obstacles, ”said Lindsey Dawson, an associate director at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

It is unclear exactly when the new coverage will start and the previous tests you purchased may not have

Who is eligible for free tests?

The White House has said that 150 million Americans with private health insurance will be entitled to a full refund after purchasing a Covid home test.