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Russia leaves Finland without light

Russia leaves Finland without light

Finland seeks to join NATO. This has led to a harsh response from Russia, which has cut off electricity supplies in recent hours.

Fingrid's senior vice president for Energy System Operations, Reima Paivinen, said the supply was cut off today.

She added that the suspension would not have a major impact on the market and that Finland "can afford" the cut, as Russian electricity accounts for a small share of the country's total consumption.

The other reason is that we are moving towards summer and consequently there will be less need for electricity and more solar will be used.

Russia, on the other hand, had warned of the suspension on the grounds that payments were not being made on time.

Russia's foreign ministry has previously said that Finland's possible accession to NATO would mark a radical change in the country's foreign policy, and warned of retaliatory measures.

Finland shares an 830-mile border with Russia, and its acceptance would mean that Russia would have a NATO country on its border.