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Russia sends 700 snipers to the border with Ukraine

Russia sends 700 snipers to the border with Ukraine

Russia has deployed more than 700 military snipers in four regions near the border with Ukraine. The move comes as the entire Western world fears that Vladimir Putin is planning an invasion of the neighboring state, after Russia ordered military troops to stay "ready for battle" because war is "very likely" with Ukraine.

Three of the four regions where Russian snipers are stationed share the border with Ukraine, while more than 700 fighters are being trained in camouflage shooting positions against the enemy at long distances as well as in hand-to-hand combat.

A Russian military spokesman said: "Soldiers from the Western Army District Combined Army sniper units have begun large-scale exercises as part of a training camp in the Voronezh, Belgorod, Bryansk and Smolensk regions."

The sniper exercises near Ukraine come after NATO has expressed concern about the continued gathering of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine.

"The alliance's military infrastructure is expanding irresponsibly, approaching the Russian borders in Romania and Poland, and positioning anti-missile systems that can be used for attacks. US medium-range missiles will soon appear in Europe, reversing the scenario of a military confrontation. "The architecture of strategic stability is rapidly collapsing, NATO refuses to constructively consider our proposals to reduce tensions and avoid dangerous incidents," Lavrov said a few days ago.

Russia claimed today that its radars had tracked over 30 foreign spy planes near its borders over the past week.