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Britney Spears case prompts demands from activists to restrict custody in California

Britney Spears case prompts demands from activists to restrict custody in

Disability rights activists and Britney Spears advocates backed a California proposal to offer more protection to those under court-ordered custody, promoting less restrictive alternatives.

The move came after Spears' final hearing again sparked discussions in a Los Angeles courtroom.

The post-Spears hearing to turn into a dispute over Spears's custody turned into a dispute with mutual accusations between Spears's attorneys and her father, and the case looks set to last to determine the truth of Spears's allegations against her father.

The case is 'Exhibit # 1' being used by groups like Disability Voices United, Disability Rights California, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, and Free Britney LA, who say those under California custody are being misused and exploited. Most involved in such cases are those people with developmental or intellectual disabilities, or those with age-related problems like dementia or Alzheimer's.

Such groups claim that those in the same situation as Spears may feel left without a solution in a system that deprives them of their civil rights and ability to defend themselves.

"Conservatism should be rare and the last resort," said Judy Mark, president of Disability Voices United.

California law says custody should only be ordered if a judge decides it is the least restrictive option. But lawyers say they are often imposed without considering other options.