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Putin: The West is turning Ukraine into an "anti-Russia" state! We will respond if our security is threatened

Putin: The West is turning Ukraine into an "anti-Russia" state! We

President Vladimir Putin in a statement issued today said that Ukraine with the encouragement of Western countries is turning into an "anti-Russian" stronghold and warned that Moscow will respond immediately if its security is threatened.

Putin also commented on the prosecution in Kiev of many pro-Russian politicians, saying that what is happening in Ukraine is a "purge of the political arena by reasonable people" and that the West supports the illegal persecution of all exponents who they may want a normal relationship with Moscow even without a legal basis.

"Reflecting on everything, I will say that this is very sad. "Ukraine is becoming an anti-Russian state, a territory that works only against us, and we will therefore keep a close eye on it to ensure that it does not pose a security threat to us." - Vladimir Putin said during his speech, warning: "We will not stand idly by, but we will respond as time requires and with due force."

Recall that although Russia has withdrawn troops from the border of Eastern Ukraine, Kremlin-funded rebels in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions continue to fight against the Ukrainian authorities and Crimea is already occupied and incorporated into the Russian Federal Republic, leading to Western sanctions. against Russia to continue.