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Why are Russian soldiers so obsessed with castration? The torture they are using on Ukrainians

Why are Russian soldiers so obsessed with castration? The torture they are using

Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged members of the United Nations to inquire with their Russian counterparts about one of the most horrific acts of violence that Russian soldiers are committing against Ukrainian captives: castration. New details have recently been revealed in Izum.

"Please ask the representatives of Russia why the Russian army is so obsessed with castration," the Ukrainian president said in a speech to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday. 'What happened to them to want to do this to others?'

But what is castration?

Castration, whose term in Albanian is castration, is the practice of removing or numbing the male organs, usually of an animal or human, in order to make it unable to perform sexual intercourse or leave offspring.

Chemical castration consists of the use of various medications to reduce sexual desire and activity.

Effect on men: Use of chemical castration drugs reduces sexual activity and fantasies. There are no life-threatening side effects. Reports show that men who undergo chemical castration have increased pubic fat and bone damage, which increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Effect on women: When used on women, chemical castration has similar effects, although there is less research on this point, as most research focuses on the effects they cause on men, as long as their use is greater.

In the pre-recorded speech, Zelenskyy called for peace, also calling for a "full package" of sanctions against Russia to punish them for crimes he said were committed during the occupation of Ukraine.