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Why is the 15-year-old who killed 3 students at a school in Michigan charged with terrorism?

Why is the 15-year-old who killed 3 students at a school in Michigan charged

Ethan Crumbley, 15, who is accused of killing four of his friends at a high school in Michigan will be tried as adults and will face charges of murder, assault and possession of a firearm. He will also face a charge of terrorism, a rare charge in the US for shooting at school.

The gruesome incident occurred Tuesday at Oxford High School where the 15-year-old fired his shotgun into the school hallway, firing more than 30 times at people and through classroom doors. Three people died Tuesday and another died. at the hospital on Wednesday. Seven others, six students and a teacher were injured.

The district attorney general said that there is a lot of digital evidence in this case, videos and photos that have been circulating on social media and added "you probably do not even need to see this to know how horrible it is to be near a student "Who shoots and kills fellow students. I mean, it's terror."

Many students can not eat or sleep because of the event they experienced said the Prosecutor.

"Their parents are sleeping next to them and we should not ignore that. "There are definitely four children who were killed and many others were injured, but over 1,000 were also victimized," she said.

The criminal complaint against Crumbley refers to Michigan law on acts of terrorism "An act intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or to influence the conduct of a government or a government unit through intimidation or coercion."