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European Commission proposal for phone chargers that we have probably all 'suffered'

European Commission proposal for phone chargers that we have probably all

Each device, with a separate charger. Frequent switching and looking for an original charger to not take the plug with you wherever you go. Everyone can know this, but the EC comes up with a proposal:

Manufacturers of electronics will be forced to create a universal charger solution for phones and small electronics. This is a new rule proposed by the European Commission.

What does this mean?

Manufacturers will be forced to create a universal charger for small electronic devices, with the aim of reducing waste, encouraging consumers to reuse existing chargers when purchasing a new device.

More complete:

All Smartphones sold in the EU must have a universal USB-C charger.

Feedback from companies:

Apple has warned that such a move would hurt innovation. The tech giant is the leading maker of smartphones where the charger is personalized only for the iPhone, first the iPhone series uses a "Lightning" connection produced only by Apple.

Most Android phones come with the USB micro-B charging device, or have already moved to the more modern USB-C standard.

The newer iPad and MacBook models use USB-C charging chips, as do the high-end phone models from well-known Android manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei.

The changes would apply to the charging plug on the body of the device, while the end of the cable that connects to an outlet could be USB-C or USB-A.

The proposed rules will apply to:

-smart phones




-portable speakers

-keyboards for video games

Other products including headphones, smartwatches and fitness trackers were not considered for technical reasons related to size and conditions of use. The proposal also standardizes charging speed which means that devices capable of fast charging will be charged at the same speeds.

EU politicians have been campaigning for a common standard for more than a decade, with a Commission study estimating that discarded and unused charging cables generate more than 11,000 tonnes of waste a year. In the European Union, about 420 million mobile phones and other portable electronic devices were sold last year.

The average person owns about three cell phone chargers, of which they regularly use only two.

However, it may be several years before the proposals take effect.

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