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President Putin blames Europe for the gas price crisis

President Putin blames Europe for the gas price crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed Europe for the current energy crisis. High gas prices sparked accusations against Moscow, on the grounds that official Moscow has banned supplies in the form of pressure on the West.

"They have made mistakes," Putin said during a meeting with Russian energy officials.

He said one of the factors influencing prices was the termination of long-term contracts in favor of the spot market.

"Today it is absolutely clear that this policy is wrong," Putin said.

European and British gas prices rose more than 25% today, driven by rising pre-winter demand in the northern hemisphere.

Critics have accused Moscow of deliberately cutting off gas supplies to Europe in a bid to speed up the launch of the Nord Stream 2 project, which connects Russia with Germany.

Earlier, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the allegations.

"First of all we do not think, but we insist that Russia does not and can not have any role in what is happening in the European gas market. Russia has met, is fulfilling and will continue to fulfill responsibly all obligations. according to existing contracts ".

Russian energy giant Gazprom announced last month that the 10 billion-euro ($ 12 billion) pipeline had been completed and its operation would help fight Europe's energy crisis.

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