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Now who will take care of these babies? The question of a mother from Texas, where abortion is prohibited

Now who will take care of these babies? The question of a mother from Texas,

Two days after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a 27-year-old woman gave birth to her fourth child. The woman, who asked to be identified by her first initial, T., had fled domestic abuse and been denied an abortion. Her son is among the first of many more babies to be expected after Roe is repealed.

One in 10 people of reproductive age in America lives in Texas, a state that will soon ban abortion almost entirely. The state has a high maternal and infant mortality rate as well. Texas' conservative leadership has spent decades restricting abortion access. Now, even some anti-abortion advocates say their state is woefully unprepared for a potential surge in births among poor women.

"We want to limit abortions," said Aubrey Schlackman, founder of Blue Haven Ranch, a Christian nonprofit that provides shelter and assistance to T. and other women in her condition.

However, no organization, not even all together, can handle the influx of children that will be born. Who will take care of them?

T. has a message for Texas lawmakers: “You don't know what's best for every family. You did not protect me and my children. I protect my children myself. Only a mother can know what is best for herself and her family. And if you're going to force women to have all these babies they're not ready to have, then you have to provide support for women and their children after the babies are born.”

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