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Draghi's correct answer after the Italians are begging him to stay prime minister: I don't stay for a while, but...

Draghi's correct answer after the Italians are begging him to stay prime

The government crisis reaches its peak: today the Senate, tomorrow the House. Prime Minister Mario Draghi has addressed the Senate at 9:30 a.m. on what promises to be a long day at Palazzo Madama and which will end with a vote of confidence.

During Draghi's speech, there was a lot of applause but also a lot of noise.

Draghi in the Senate: "Face-to-face trust is not enough. The only way is to rebuild the pact, are you ready? This speech today will allow me to explain the reasons for a choice that is as painful as it is right. Until then today, all the objectives of the PNRR (Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza) have been achieved. The only way if we still want to stay together is to rebuild this pact from the beginning, with courage, altruism, reliability. It is mainly the Italians who are asking for it National unity, he emphasized, 'was the best guarantee of the democratic legitimacy of this executive and its effectiveness'.

I believe that a prime minister who has never appeared before the voters should have the broadest possible consensus in Parliament", said Draghi, who was elected prime minister of Italy by agreement and not by election by the people.

After the departure of M5S from the governing coalition, Draghi submitted his resignation, which was not accepted by the president. It now requires a vote of confidence.