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The European Parliament bans targeted advertisements based on people's health, religion or sexual orientation

The European Parliament bans targeted advertisements based on people's
The European Parliament is moving towards banning targeted advertisements based on sensitive data, including religious beliefs, sexual orientation and racial or ethnic origin.

A large majority of lawmakers voted to ban online platforms such as Facebook and Google from displaying ads to users based on their most intimate information, in the EU Content Moderation Act, known as the Digital Services Act (DSA). ).

The move comes amid constant calls from activists to crack down on online privacy and crack down on what they say is abusive surveillance that exploits people's vulnerabilities.

U.S. lawmakers also introduced a bill on Tuesday with similar provisions banning technology platforms and data intermediaries from using sensitive information to boost their advertising.

New potential EU restrictions on targeted advertising could reshape the technology industry. They can influence widely known marketing practices that support the business giants of the tech giants and foster the advertising industry and traditional media organizations.

Lawmakers will now have to negotiate with the Council, which represents the 27 EU governments, which has shown no interest in tackling online advertising at the DSA.