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Pope Francis: Putin can end the war on May 9

Pope Francis: Putin can end the war on May 9

Pope Francis has revealed one of the conversations made with Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban. The latter told the Pope at a meeting in late April that Russian President Vladimir Putin was planning to end the invasion of Ukraine on May 9 - the Day of Russia's Victory.

The Pope revealed this part of the conversation in the interview for the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera", published yesterday.

"Orban, when I met him, told me that the Russians have a plan, that everything will end on May 9," said Pope Francis.

"It would also explain the speed of escalation these days. Because now it is not only Donbas, it is Crimea, it is Odessa, they are taking away the Black Sea port from Ukraine, it's everything. There is not enough will for peace. "I am pessimistic, but we must make every possible gesture to stop the war."

Pope Francis reiterated earlier statements that he was ready to travel to Moscow to meet with Putin and likened the war in Ukraine to the genocide in Rwanda.

"We have not yet received an answer and we continue to insist, although I am afraid that Putin can not and does not want to have this meeting now. But so much brutality, how can you not stop it? "Twenty-five years ago we experienced the same thing with Rwanda," said Pope Francis.

The Pope said he would not travel to Kiev at this time, instead sending a representative.

"I have to go to Moscow first, I have to meet Putin first. "I would do everything I could if Putin opened the door for me."