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The oligarch reveals that Putin is ill with blood cancer in a census

The oligarch reveals that Putin is ill with blood cancer in a census

A Russian oligarch with close ties to the Kremlin told a Western colleague that Vladimir Putin is 'very sick with blood cancer', according to Metro UK.

The billionaire, whose name has been withheld for his own safety, is suspected of being secretly registered in mid-March expressing his contempt for the Russian president's invasion of Ukraine.

In the recording, provided by News Lines Magazine, he said: Putin absolutely destroyed the economy of Russia, the economy of Ukraine and many other economies - he absolutely destroyed them.

'The problem is with his head. 'A madman can turn the world upside down.'

The oligarch is said to have been among Russia's 200 richest people and currently resides abroad.

He was part of a 'close circle of 20 or 30 people' whom Putin met in the construction of the illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula, a former European security chief told the magazine.

The businessman reportedly spent most of the recorded 11-minute conversation asking his colleague how he could protect his investments in Europe from Western sanctions.

And at one point he said: We all hope he dies of his cancer or of an internal coup.

Many intelligence officers reportedly interpreted the communication as confirmation that their president was indeed in a serious condition.