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Russian oligarchs are hiding their yachts in Turkey

Russian oligarchs are hiding their yachts in Turkey

Russian oligarchs have been hit by Western sanctions following the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

The US initially announced the freezing of assets of oligarchs who collaborated with the Kremlin, while soon after Britain did the same with six other Russian tycoons, including Roman Abramovich.

The oligarchs have reportedly sent all their assets to evade any embargo on Montenegro and the Maldives. Both countries do not have an extradition treaty signed with the United States, so they were left out of the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia. But, there is a third place that hosts up to five luxury superyachts. This country is Turkey. Unlike European Union countries and the United States, Turkey refused to join the sanctions imposed on Russia. Also, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has acted as mediator between Russia and Ukraine in one of the last summits that both countries held in Istanbul, last week of March.

According to Business Insider, the yachts found in Turkish waters are Ragnar, owned by former KGB agent Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, Titan, Alexander Abramov, Flying Fox and Russian oligarch Dmitry Kamenshchik, and yachts Solaris and Eclipse, which belong to Roman Abramovich.