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UN appeals to help Afghan population, seeks to raise 5 billion

UN appeals to help Afghan population, seeks to raise 5 billion
The United Nations yesterday appealed for $ 5 billion to help 22 million Afghans whose country is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis and economic collapse, as well as 5.7 million Afghan refugees in five neighboring countries. The UN said the appeal would be followed by a conference in mid-March.

A number of countries announced new funding, including an additional $ 308 million from the United States and $ 500,000 from Israel, and signs indicate that more funding will be raised from other, mostly Western, countries.

UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths, who called the campaign "the biggest appeal ever made", said the Afghan appeal for 2021 was the most funded and that he was confident that the solidarity and generosity of member states would is also shown in 2022 ".

The issue of aid to the Afghan people has been complicated by the Taliban invasion of the country in August, as US and NATO forces were in the final stages of chaotic withdrawal from the country after 20 years.

Afghanistan's economy dependent on international aid worsened after the Taliban took power. Afghanistan's central bank's $ 9 billion reserves, most of which are held in the United States, were frozen and the International Monetary Fund blocked about $ 450 million due to a "lack of clarity" about a new government.

The Taliban leadership has banned all foreign exchange transactions, while urging the US to ease sanctions and free Afghanistan's assets overseas so the government can pay teachers, doctors and other public sector workers. .