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WHO: Global conditions favor the emergence of new variants of Covid

WHO: Global conditions favor the emergence of new variants of Covid
Conditions are favorable for Covid-19 to change to more new variants and it is dangerous to assume that the pandemic is nearing its end, the WHO top official warned today.

Addressing the WHO executive board, Tedros CEO Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that since the Omicron variant was identified nine weeks ago, more than 80 million Covid cases have been reported to the WHO, more than were reported across the entire the year 2020.

Last week, an average of 100 cases were reported to the WHO every three seconds, Tedros added, and someone died from the virus every 12 seconds.

Cases have been on the rise, however Tedros noted that the "explosion" in the cases was not accompanied by an increase in deaths.

"It is dangerous to assume that Omicron will be the last option or that we are at the end of the game," Tedros warned. "On the contrary, globally the conditions are ideal for more variants to appear. "To change the course of the pandemic, we must change the conditions that drive it."

He added that the world could not "gamble with a virus whose evolution we can not control or predict."

Last week, another senior WHO official warned that although the spread of Omicron cases was slowing in some countries, high worldwide infection rates could lead to new variants allowing the virus to change shape. .