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WHO: Indian variant, cause of most new infections

WHO: Indian variant, cause of most new infections

The World Health Organization has raised the alarm that most of the new coronavirus infections have the Indian variant, or "delta", which has already been scientifically proven to be 40% more transmissible and dangerous for young people, who were 95% protected by the "alpha" variant.

According to the head of the WHO, the variant which originates in India and is most widespread in the Asian continent has "conquered" Europe, while 99% of new infections in the UK are with this variant.

"The delta variant has become dominant in the globe, mainly due to its high transmissibility," the WHO statement reads.

According to studies to date, only two-dose immunization of anti-COVID vaccines guarantees protection against this variant more resistant and generally more potent than the standard variant. In total since the outbreak of the pandemic in early 2020, 13 variants have been identified, a fact that adds to suspicions that the virus may have a laboratory origin due to the rapid pace at which it adapts.

Recall that due to the spread of this new variant, the date of lifting of all anti-COVID measures in Britain that was scheduled for June 21 has been postponed to July 19, although over 70% of the majority population in Britain has been vaccinated .