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"I never thought this could happen in France!" For the first time, a vaccination certificate is required for public facilities

"I never thought this could happen in France!" For the first time, a

Despite mass protests against the Macron government's decision to make it mandatory to present a vaccination certificate to frequent public places, the law has come into force and today for the first time since World War II to attend a Paris cinema will you must show the relevant document.

Starting today, the vaccination certificate, or a negative test of not less than 48 hours in advance must be shown in order to frequent facilities such as cinemas, art galleries, libraries, museums, sports centers and any other place where there is a gathering of more than 50 people.

The decision came after in less than two weeks there was an increase of 125% of new cases of infection, driven mainly by the Indian variant "delta". The decision has hit the tourism sector hard, which is frequented by many unvaccinated young people, the vast majority of whom do not want to have a PCR every 48 hours.

The Guardian tells how an elderly man was not allowed to enter a Montpelleir bookstore because he had only taken one dose of anti-COVID and not both.

A 26-year-old student named Seham was fired from the same bookstore because he did not have a certificate. "This rule ruined my day," he told the British daily.

Mac Combes, a 70-year-old in Montpellier, has expressed concern that the decision could pave the way for a new dictatorship and divide society into two classes, vaccinated and unvaccinated.

So far in France 45% of the population over the age of 18 have been vaccinated with both doses, but many who, although belonging to the vaccinated group, oppose the idea of ??forcing the certificate to participate in public life. "It is a matter of principle. "They are treating people like the Nazis and the Jews forcing them to wear the Star of David," a young woman told The Guardian in Paris.