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There will be no VIP entry for Ukraine into the EU

There will be no VIP entry for Ukraine into the EU

France has recently stated that Ukraine's move to join the European Union could take years, reiterating its position that the country will not enter the bloc quickly, despite widespread support among European leaders.

Ukraine will have to abide by strict rules like any other applicant, French Delegate to Europe Clément Beaune said ahead of a summit in Brussels, at which leaders will discuss Ukraine's candidacy.

"There is no expedited procedure, there will be no VIP transfer," said French Foreign Minister Delegate to Europe Clément Beaune in an interview with French radio station Europe 1.

"They must first end the war, rebuild the country, meet all democratic and economic requirements. This will take time. "But we are giving this opening signal," Beaune added.

EU leaders will meet on Thursday and Friday to discuss whether or not to grant EU candidate status to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

The European Commission last week backed Ukraine's candidacy.

Speaking in Brussels, its president Ursula von der Leyen said the commission recommended "that Ukraine be granted candidate status.