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Novak Djokovic gains the right to reside in Australia

Novak Djokovic gains the right to reside in Australia
Novak Djokovic has won the right to stay in Australia after a judge ruled in his favor on Monday, considering the government's decision to revoke his visa "unreasonable".

District Court Judge Anthony Kelly ordered the government to release Djokovic from quarantine at the Melbourne hotel within 30 minutes of the verdict and return his passport and other travel documents.

The decision rekindles world number one tennis hopes of winning a record 21st Grand Slam title.

However, the court was told that the Australian Minister of Immigration has the right to revoke Djokovic's visa through the government as a minister, barring him from entering Australian territory for three years.

Why was Djokovic kept in an immigration facility?
The Serbian tennis player was held in immigration detention in Melbourne along with other asylum seekers since Thursday.

Border authorities did not allow him to enter the country as there was no plausible reason why he had not been vaccinated, something the government also argued in court.

Djokovic has been known for his skepticism about vaccines since in April 2020 he spoke out against the vaccination process.

Australia, and Melbourne in particular, over the past two years have imposed some of the toughest blockades to avoid the spread of the virus.