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A single page from the 'Spiderman' comic book sells for 3 million euros

A single page from the 'Spiderman' comic book sells for 3 million
An original page of a 1984 comic book with 'Spider-Man', of Marvel's rare 'Secret Wars' series, sold for a record $ 2.9 million at auction in the United States.

Sales make 'Spiderman' the most powerful superhero in terms of sales.

On this site the superhero wears for the first time the black suit, which turns out to be a symbiote (extraterrestrial parasite), which brings to life Venom.

It is a moment that film, literature and television have constantly tried to recreate.

"This site was the place where Peter Parker, the heroic teenager disguised as Spider-Man, actually wore his new black suit," explains Heritage Auctions, describing page 25 of the publication. "It's a costume with a secret! Because it quickly turns out he's alive and has his agenda. It's the origin of Venom's character!"

The paper was initially offered for € 289,000. But prices for comics, even single comic book pages of this kind, are constantly rising as fans like it a lot.

None of the sellers or buyers were identified.

The previous record for an original page of an American comic dates back to 2014 when a page showing Wolverine's first appearance for an issue of 'The Incredible Hulk' dating back to 1974, sold for € 573,650.