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From green lanes to free internet, the 4 topics discussed at today's Summit

From green lanes to free internet, the 4 topics discussed at today's Summit

At the joint press conference with Prime Minister Rama, Commissioner Varhelyi spoke about the topics discussed at the EU-Western Balkans Summit that was held this Thursday in Tirana.

"Today we had agreement on 4 areas where there should be first results regarding SEPA, a look at all our countries. It should not be difficult, the banking system itself has European banks, but the challenge is how quickly we will achieve that they become concrete. There was an agreement that this would happen to you.

The second is about green lanes, to remove waiting times at border points. We have some, but we need to expand it to all the Balkan countries, it should be finished by the end of the year, it will reduce costs

The third is related to scientific research work. Innovation and research will need what would be called a center where these industries are, and to be created here in the Balkans.

The last one, I myself call the free internet network in public spaces in the Western Balkans, we have the funds for this.

The other is what we will do next year, we are waiting for the region to bring us ideas, where are the obstacles for the economy for the citizens.

And in addition to 30 billion euros, we also have 6 billion euros. This additional funding will be determined and will be for all the efforts needed to bring your countries into the EU." he said, in response to media interest.