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From staging his death to finding the treasure of 250 kilograms of gold. Davide Pecorelli tells it all

From staging his death to finding the treasure of 250 kilograms of gold. Davide

New details have come to light from the mystery of Davide Pecorelli.

The 45-year-old Tomban businessman who organized his death in Albania in 'La Vita in Diretta' shows the last 8 months of his life. First the debts, then the flight to Albania, the decision to stage the death, the prayers in the friar community in Medjugorje in Bosnia and the treasure found in Montecristo, 250 kilograms of gold in coins, Pecorelli tells it all, according to Italian media .

He told all the things to the prosecutors of Perugia, who intend to close the case, without the hypothesis of a crime. In Albania - writes Walter Rondoni, he is suspected of committing crimes: "destruction of goods by fire and damage to graves". The file of the Albanian investigators would state the "discovery of a human skull" in the burnt car on one side of the road lying on the border with Kosovo.

"The situation was dramatic on an economic level, at that moment I decided to commit suicide, but first - he says on TV , I went to a priest to confess. He was the one who told me about the possibility of (stolen) bones. He told me "Let's put them in the car and set them on fire . "

He does not reveal the name of the priest: "I will never do it because he is the person who saved my life, so I will not betray him ...".

Debts seem to be the only security. Police in Perugia had already ascertained a critical financial situation and were investigating a possible bankruptcy.

"I have 30 years of life insurance, so this too is science fiction," he justifies on TV. "Then the priest transferred me to a community in Medjugorje and I stayed there for 8 months without communicating at all with my family. For four months I cried, they were really dramatic."

Top Channel has found evidence that Pecorelli has remained in Vlora in these nine months of disappearance, surrendering to the good life.

"I found the treasure of San Mamiliano, they are three crates with 250 kilograms of pure gold coins of five grams each." "And I would have to share half with the priest who showed me the places of discovery."

" I apologize to my family for making them suffer. "I was tested very psychologically," he concluded.