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The New York Times calls on Joe Biden to step down

The New York Times calls on Joe Biden to step down

Commentators, journalists, civil society voices are asking Joe Biden to step down. The first debate of the 90-minute confrontation with Trump has been seen as a failure of Biden and has caused panic in the ranks of voters, as well as opinion pollsters, journalists or representatives of civil society.

New York Times Opinion

To serve his country well, Joe Biden must retire. This is the NYTimes headline.

"Mr. Biden has been an admirable president. Under his leadership, the nation thrived and began to address a number of long-term challenges and the wounds opened by Trump. The wounds began to heal. But the greatest public service that Mr. Biden can to do, is to withdraw from the race for the presidential elections". This is the editorial note of NYTimes Opinion.

Covering Politics

Wrote that: In the first presidential debate of 2024, it looked like the whole country was lost.

In many ways it was a debate where President Biden was trying to look less old... Trump, 78, and Biden, 81, are making history as the two oldest major-party candidates in the United States to

seek the presidency. They are also both at least 16 years older than the average age of world leaders. With awkward and proclaimed silence, with lies that remained mostly undisputed by journalists, with many voters, especially the younger ones, who expressed a lot of dissatisfaction and irritation after the debate with the two candidates. Are you one of them?".

New York Magazine

Who can make Joe go?

"Democrats saw him debate and stare into the abyss. Now they wonder if he is a lost cause," writes Gabriel Debenedetti.

He goes on to write that only Jill the wife can do that, or Barack Obama and Bill Clinton can also try to make him go away.

Biden, on the other hand, has no plans to leave. It has been stated that he knows how to do this job and that he does it well.