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Law that created political storm in EU / Orban will put the anti-LGBT law in Hungary to a referendum

Law that created political storm in EU / Orban will put the anti-LGBT law in

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has responded to European Union pressure to repeal the law considered anti-LGBT by Brussels, announcing that he will pass it in a public referendum, where Hungarian citizens can decide whether to support it or not.

Recall that the law in question prohibits the mention of LGBT issues and the community in textbooks and those for audiences under 18 years of age as well as in television programs that can be watched by this age group. Orban has considered this law necessary to allow parents to raise children with their inherited values, while for the EU this law is the basis of systematic discrimination against homosexuals.

"LGBT activists visit kindergartens and schools and give sex education classes. They want to do the same here in Hungary. Do you support minors being shown images and content of a sexual nature that may affect their development? "- said among other things Orban in a video distributed on social networks where he announced the referendum.

The referendum comes after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called the law "shameful and discriminatory" and threatened: "I will use all the legal powers of the Commission to ensure that the rights of all citizens of "The EU will be respected."

This is the second controversial referendum to be held in Hungary, as in 2016 Budapest asked citizens whether or not to accept immigrant quotas, with over 80% of those who voted supporting the government by voting against them.