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This state makes it illegal for bosses to call employees after work

This state makes it illegal for bosses to call employees after work

With the work-life balance fluctuating due to the pandemic, employees have been working non-stop for almost two years now, all over the world. Since most jobs are back online, people are locked in their homes all day, to complete their work. To add to the misery, many are required to work overtime. This has caused many mental and physical health problems to an alarming degree.

As states think of ways to reduce extreme work pressure, Portugal has taken a step to ensure its employees do not feel the heavy burden by making it illegal for managers and bosses to contact their employees after hours.

Portugal's Minister of Labor and Social Security Ana Mendes Godinho said, "The pandemic has accelerated the need to fix what needs to be fixed." She has also claimed that this could be an effective step to make Portugal one of the best places to work. This can also be a good way to attract 'digital nomads' to Portugal. 'Digital nomads' are people who can work online from anywhere in the world, with the right conditions.

Many companies and businesses push their employees to do more work without taking into account their health and safety concerns. Numerous studies and research have found that a large percentage of people have experienced at least one major case of mental illness or other significant health problem.

Last year, the number of mental illnesses and heart attacks has risen radically due to insane working hours. In addition to health risks, relationships have deteriorated because priorities have changed the basis since the entry into force of distance work. The lack of boundaries between personal and professional life has caused quarrels at home due to negligence and ignorance.