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This Swedish island may be on the verge of Russian occupation

This Swedish island may be on the verge of Russian occupation
As Sweden ponders to join NATO, a remote holiday destination on the Baltic Sea is once again strengthening its defenses.

Known as a paradise island with sandy beaches, Gotland has long been a popular holiday destination for many Swedes.

The island is located 300 kilometers from the home of the Baltic Fleet of Russia and acted as a major obstacle against Soviet expansion.

And as tensions over Sweden's proposed application to NATO rise, the Scandinavian nation is rebuilding its military presence in Gotland.

"There will be more soldiers and more activity in Gotland," said Colonel Magnus Frykvall, commander of the Gotland Battalion.

"We need to build a bigger and better military capacity because of the current situation."

Will Russia attack Sweden's holiday island?

Sweden is expected to find out in the coming days whether it will seek membership in the NATO military alliance. Finland has stated that it will apply for NATO membership within the next few days.

Coming out in favor of unification is a historic development for both nations. Sweden has avoided military alliances for more than 200 years, while Finland adopted neutrality after being defeated by the Soviet Union in World War II.

Earlier this week, Russia warned of dire consequences if one of the countries joined the alliance. But as Putin's war in Ukraine continues, many Gotland natives are eager to defend their nation at all costs.