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The French Prime Minister is positive with Covid-19

The French Prime Minister is positive with Covid-19

The French prime minister has tested positive for Covid-19, forcing five Belgian ministers to also go into isolation after meeting with him on Monday.

Prime Minister Jean Castex, who is fully vaccinated, tested positive for the virus after returning to France from a ministerial visit to Brussels, according to CNN.

Upon his return from Belgium, Castex learned that his 11-year-old daughter had tested positive for coronavirus, after taking the test, he also tested positive.

Europe has recently struggled with an increase in Covid-19 cases that have pushed the continent back to the epicenter of the pandemic, prompting governments to tighten restrictions and spark violent protests by citizens.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Brussels on Sunday due to tougher government restrictions.

The clashes near European Commission headquarters came as Belgium tightened restrictions on Wednesday - including expanding the use of masks and working from home - amid growing cases.

Neighboring France is also experiencing an increase in the rate of Covid-19 infection, although President Emmanuel Macron has said a blockade of the unvaccinated is "not necessary" given the use of the Green Pass to access a wide variety institutions.