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Croatia removes all entry rules for travelers

Croatia removes all entry rules for travelers

Croatia has been a crossroads between East and West for centuries. Once a Greek colony, later a Roman province, the country was influenced by the Byzantines, the Ottomans, Napoleon and the Austro-Hungarians, to name just a few.

Croatia's diverse and troubled heritage has turned the nation into a veritable cultural jewel; its rich heritage with influences from these periods.

What are the travel restrictions?

Croatia has lifted all its remaining COVID travel rules, as of May 3rd.

"All travelers entering Croatia can now do so under the same entry conditions that were in force before the COVID-19 pandemic, ie with valid travel documents," said the recently published statement of the Croatian National Tourism Office. .

This means that travelers will no longer have to show a negative COVID test result or evidence of vaccination to enter the country.

The change comes just weeks after the country eased its restrictions on face coverage and public transportation.