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Chaos on a flight to Cancun. Stewardesses force the mother to convince the 2-year-old with autism to put on the mask

Chaos on a flight to Cancun. Stewardesses force the mother to convince the

There was chaos aboard a JetBlue flight from Cancun to Newark. The reason was a 2-year-old with special needs, who did not want to wear his mask. The boy's mother says the airline treatment made him feel humiliated.

After two years working as a teacher during the pandemic, Jennifer Minsky, her husband and their two young sons set off for a pair of dream vacations in Cancun.

The CBS reporter asks Jennifer today: “You knew the politics of wearing masks. Or not? So, did you prepare the boys? ”

“Yes. "The boy wears a mask in the garden all the time, without any problems", Jennifer answers.

After their return flight to Newark was delayed for three days, they finally boarded the plane that would take them home, but their nightmare continued.

An entire crew of flight attendants stood over Jennifer's head until she convinced the 2-year-old boy to put on the mask.

"At that moment, I was very nervous, because they would take us off the plane. They could clearly see that the boy was upset. "He has sensory problems, so the people standing over our family heads, throwing masks in our faces, were making him feel worse."

The boy is suffering from autism spectrum disorders, a condition that Jennifer says he informed JetBlue about. She also had a letter from the doctor about the flight crew.

After 30 minutes of chaos trying to put the mask on and the impatience to return home, she gave the boy a sedative to put him to sleep to put him down.

"I can not believe I did this. We keep that medicine for the big boy. The little one is not old enough for that medicine. "He fell asleep and we put on the mask," said Minsky.

The company has justified itself for this situation by saying that the family should have informed them about this situation before, via email: “You have to communicate and you have to confirm that, because as soon as you get on the plane and the door is closed "Your rights are no longer on your side."

JetBlue said the family should have sought permission in advance and filled out an application for the boy's non-wearing of the mask.