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Italy will cost twice as much to holiday this season

Italy will cost twice as much to holiday this season
Photo from Puglia

Staying in hotels, hostels, b&b and facilities

various accommodation is likely to increase this summer.

The prediction comes from Assoutenti, which based on official Istat data, has conducted a study comparing the price lists of accommodation services in different Italian cities.

In the last month, the rates of accommodation facilities have experienced an average increase of +15.2% compared to 2022.

The maximum increase goes to +18% for hotels and motels, while resorts or campsites cost 11.1% more, analyzes Assouenti.

The higher rates also vary depending on the cities. Those that have seen the most growth are accommodations in the cities of art. It is precisely those areas that have had the highest number of visitors.

This is the case, for example, of Florence, a city that is in first place in the ranking for expensive hotels, where in the last month accommodation prices increased by +43.2% compared to last year. In second place

we find Milan, which registers an increase of up to +38%. In third place Campobasso (+28.9%). Venice follows (+25.7%), Palermo (+25.3%) and Ferrara (+24.6%). That too

coastal resorts, typical summer vacation destinations, have changed their price list. This is the case of Sardinia, where in Olbia-Tempio the prices have increased to +20.3%, but also in Puglia and Emilia Romagna there is an increase (from +15% to +17%).