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Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Petkov accuses Russia of hiding after the fall of his government

Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Petkov accuses Russia of hiding after the fall

Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov accuses Moscow of hiding behind a no-confidence motion that toppled his government in parliament this afternoon. During the debate in the plenary session, he mentioned 4 names, including the Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria, Eleonora Valentinovna Mitrofanova:

"The real reason for this vote of no confidence is four people," Petkov said. "It was an honor for me to lead a government that was overthrown by Peevski, Borisov Trifonov and Mitrofanova, Russia's ambassador to Bulgaria," he joked.

Petkov says that the battle is still going on: "This vote is just a small step in a very long way. What they (the opposition) did not understand was that in this way they could not win over the Bulgarian people. I promise we will continue this battle to win our country. And one day we will have Bulgaria without people ruled by shadows, without the mafia, a normal country, a successful European country. Thank you!" , said Petkov in his last speech as prime minister.

Meanwhile, many citizens have come out in support of the newly overthrown government: "Bulgaria is at a crossroads today and it depends on us which path we will follow. We will choose democracy or authoritarianism, freedom or obedience, courage or fear. We want to live in a state governed by the rule of law. We want the fight against corruption to continue. We do not want new elections! "We do not want GERB and MRF in power," said the protest organizers.

Kiril Petkov told the protesters that they are the guarantor that Bulgaria will look different after the next elections.