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Infections from the "Omicron" variant may be coming to an end, scientists say

Infections from the "Omicron" variant may be coming to an end,

Scientists say they are seeing signs that the alarming wave of COVID caused by the "Omicron" variant may have peaked in Britain and soon possibly in the United States, and a dramatic reduction in infections is expected.

The reason is the fact that the new variant, which is so highly contagious, is not finding enough people to infect just a month and a half after it was discovered in South Africa.

Ali Mokdat, a professor of mathematical models for health at the University of Washington in Seattle, says "Omicroni will fall at the same rate as it did."

However, experts warn that there is still a lot of uncertainty about what direction the pandemia will take in the future.

According to the forecast of the University of Washington, daily cases in the US will reach a peak next week with 1.2 million cases per day and from this point will begin to decrease.

In fact, says Professor Mokdat, according to complex calculations of the model built by the university, the real number of infections in the US, a prediction that includes people who have not had a tampon, may have already peaked at 6 million cases on January 6.

In Britain meanwhile, cases have started to fall, to around 140,000 a day for the last week, from the daily average of over 200,000 in early January, according to official data. / VOA /