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Significant loss for Macron in parliamentary elections

Significant loss for Macron in parliamentary elections

President Emmanuel Macron lost his absolute majority in Sunday's parliamentary elections. These elections were important for Macron, because it was about the realization of his political program in the second term.

The newly elected French President, Emmanuel Macron with the center political camp, "Ensemble" has lost the absolute majority in the French National Assembly, according to the first calculations, even more than expected. In the last round of parliamentary elections on Sunday (June 19), the Liberals won 210 to 250 seats out of 577. The absolute majority requires 289 seats. The spokesman of the French government, when asked how the government will do without an absolute majority in parliament, said that we will work with all moderate parties that want to move the country forward.

The left-wing alliance managed to mobilize voters

The result is seen as a severe political blow to Macron, who currently had an absolute majority in the lower house of parliament. Normally elections held shortly after the presidential election are seen as confirmation, as the main political power normally wins the absolute majority as well.

The Nuoes Alliance celebrates the result

Jean-Luc Mélenchon's left-wing alliance, the Nupes, succeeded in this election by becoming the most powerful opposition group in the country. The left-wing alliance will be represented in parliament with 150 to 180 seats.

Marine Le Pen, the far right of the Rassemblent National, also achieved great success in the second round of elections, expecting to win 80 to 100 seats in parliament, 10